IMPCO Gas Analyser

IMPCO Gas Analyser
"Accuracy when you Need it"

The IMPCO Exhaust Gas Analyser (IGA) is a compact and highly accurate gas analyser specifically designed for use on forklift trucks and it is an accurate way of testing your Forklift Truck emissions.

The IGA range consists of a 4 and 5 gas analyser which covers CO, HC,CO2, O2 and NOX. 


  • Portable unit that’s compact and robust
  • Extremely accurate with easy to read display in multiple languages
  • Infra Red facility for immediate print out of results
  • Software available for transferring/reading results onto a desktop PC
  • Easy to use with a full technical support available on emission testing 
  • A very useful addition to this range is a handheld CO analyser that will indicate how much CO is in the atmosphere within a confined space.

All IGA’s can be used in conjunction with a portable infra-red printer, for printing immediate test results. Alternatively the information can be stored and transferred onto a desktop by using the IGA software. The analysers have easy access for replacing consumable parts such as filter cartridges.

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