IMPCO Reserve Fuel System

IMPCO Reserve Fuel System
Save on fuel cost, increase productivity

Wasted fuel and a the risk of vehicle stand-still due to fuel starvation has become an increased issue with the introduction of LPG exchange tanks to industrial vehicles. The newly developend Reserve Fuel System is the professional solution to save on fuel cost and increase productivity.

In many countries the use of LPG exchange tanks on forklift trucks has become the standard. LPG distributors collect the empty tanks and replace them with filled units. Typically these LPG tanks have only one valve and no fuel level indicator meaning that drivers will exchange the almost empty LPG tank based on run hours and their best guess of how much gas is still in the tank.

Major downsides of exchange LPG tanks:

  • LPG tanks are returned to the gas distributor with unused fuel left in the tank adding significantly to operating costs.
  • Forklift trucks may come to a standstill when running out of gas. Hydrostatic forklift trucks cannot be towed, access may be obstructed and the production process may become severely disrupted.

This newly developed product is a reliable, industrialized solution that allows operators to run the LPG tank completely empty and still make it to the nearest tank exchange location. When the LPG tank is completely empty a signal will show, leaving an accurate remaining drive time thus avoiding the risk of standstill. The system is insensitive to bumpy rides or hard cornering,

Key Features:

  • Robust design in accordance with Machinery Directive (2006/42/EG App IIB)
  • Complete Scope of Supply with all necessary parts included

Key Benefits:

  • Guaranteed empty fuel cylinders upon exchange
  • Improved productivity due to reduced down time
  • Easy installation


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