IMPCO Technologies Europe achieves ISO 14001 certification


We are proud to announce that IMPCO Technologies Europe has succeeded in achieving the ISO 14001 certification, an environmental management system certification that will help ensure the preservation of our environment.

IMPCO Technologies is unquestionably one of the principal companies leading the battle to reduce global air pollution. We continually strive to develop solutions to the environmental challenges our earth is currently facing. IMPCO's promise to the environment is demonstrated by our unrelenting efforts to expand our alternative fuel product offerings such that we meet or surpass all current and upcoming stringent air quality policy requirements.

Our products enable Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to satisfy both customer specifications and government emissions regulations for application in the transportation, industrial, lawn & garden, large stationary and power generation markets.

Our goal is to develop and certify vehicles and products that comply with and provide the opportunity to exceed the Environmental Protection Agency's or California's Air Resource boards stringent emission standards.

IMPCO Technologies is committed to continual improve in its management systems, products and operations to minimize waste and pollution.

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