IMPCO Technologies has been the leading supplier for over 50 years to a broad industrial customer base ranging from forklift truck to generatorset manufacturers. IMPCO's fuel systems allow a vast range of indoor/outdoor industrial equipment to operate on cleaner-burning gaseous fuels.

Representative products for this market segment:

  • Forklift Trucks
  • Sweepers
  • Ice Resurfacers
  • Gound Support Equipment at Airports
  • Generator Sets / Pumps / CHP Units

IMPCO markets components, open loop systems, certified systems, certified engine packages and service parts into this market. This market is also emission regulated by CARB & EPA in the United States and these regulations are quickly being adopted globally.

With new emission regulations being imposed, original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) require advanced technologies that permit the use of gaseous fuels in order to satisfy not only regulations, but also the customer's requirements for durability, performance and reliability.

Latest news


Beginning April of 2015, IMPCO will phase out hardcopies of the repair kit instructions included in most of the repair kits. New and updated instructions are now available in an electronic PDF format and can be viewed or downloaded from our website


Many forklift truck LPG cylinders nowadays are single valve and have no fuel level indicator. When will you exchange the cylinders? Exchange too early and risk wasting gas and costing money, leave it for too long and risk coming to a complete stand-still, disrupting productivity and again costing money. On average some 10-15% of gas is still in the cylinder when returned to the LPG distributor!

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