Introducing the IMPCO Reserve Fuel System


Many forklift truck LPG cylinders nowadays are single valve and have no fuel level indicator. When will you exchange the cylinders? Exchange too early and risk wasting gas and costing money, leave it for too long and risk coming to a complete stand-still, disrupting productivity and again costing money. On average some 10-15% of gas is still in the cylinder when returned to the LPG distributor!

So far, the industry was not able to offer a proper technical solution that would timely warn the driver when the tank is almost empty. IMPCO Technologies has now developed a professional system that warns the driver well in time to change the cylinder without the risk of running empty whilst underway to the bottle exchange point.

With the IMPCO Reserve Fuel System the LPG cylinder is always completely emptied without the risk of sudden stand-still and preventing cost of wasted gas.

The system was designed to work on all models of LPG powered forklift trucks. The robust design and innovative engineering allow for the system to work in the harshest industrial environments and be in line with the Machinery Directive.

Each system is supplied with a dedicated installation manual and technical description. Ask our sales department for your possibilities. 

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