Nissan Europe introduces IMPCO Naturel gas module for the DX-ECO range


In close cooperation with Nissan Europe, IMPCO Technologies developed a natural gas system for the ECO-DX range with Nissan K25 engine. The patented CNG Module allows for easy installation and maintenance and it is the only module in it's kind that complies to the European industrial Pressure Equipment directive.


The IMPCO CNG Module is a patented solution that combines the high pressure components of the natural gas system in one CE approved unit meeting all relevant PED requirements. The new CNG module is available in capacities of 50 and 75 liters w.c..


  • No external high pressure connections
  • Outlet pressure of only 8 bars (comparable to LPG tank pressure)
  • Reduction of equipment downtime during maintenance or inspection
  • No dismantling of tanks during refill
  • Fits in place of a propane cylinder
  • Minimum changes to the original LPG fuel system required
  • Stores an equivalent of 11kg Propane (H-gas)

The IMPCO CNG Module was developed to meet Forklift and Generatorset customers demands to run engines with this alternative fuel against minimum impact to the existing machine. It allows for easy conversion of existing LPG machines to Natural Gas whereas the IMPCO CNG Module will permanently replace the LPG tank. All high pressure components are mounted on the module and not in the engine compartment. The IMPCO CNG Module allows for easy dismantling at lowest cost and handling.

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