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In business for over 50 years, IMPCO Technologies is proud world-market leader in the field of dedicated gaseous fuel systems for a wide range of industrial applications powered by internal combustion engines.

Our products and integration expertise enable our OEM customers and distributors to satisfy the most stringent technical specifications and government emissions regulations. With offices in the Netherlands and France IMPCO Europe has long established relationships with almost all major players in the forklift truck market.

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Beginning April of 2015, IMPCO will phase out hardcopies of the repair kit instructions included in most of the repair kits. New and updated instructions are now available in an electronic PDF format and can be viewed or downloaded from our website www.impcotechnologies.com/repair-kits.asp


Many forklift truck LPG cylinders nowadays are single valve and have no fuel level indicator. When will you exchange the cylinders? Exchange too early and risk wasting gas and costing money, leave it for too long and risk coming to a complete stand-still, disrupting productivity and again costing money. On average some 10-15% of gas is still in the cylinder when returned to the LPG distributor!

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